I came to know about competitive programming after starting my undergraduate education in Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET). Since then, I have always felt a passion for competitive programming and have been actively involved in the programming community of RUET developing not only myself but also the other students of similar interest. During my years in RUET, I solved a lot of programming problems in various online judges and also participated in many programming contests. Some of them are mentioned here.

Programming Contests
Contest Name Team Name / Username Rank
Google Code Jam 2020 Round 3 (Top 1000 T-shirt Winners) Username: Zeronfinity 621
SRBD Coding Test 2018 Final Round Individual Mode Contest 5
Technocracy, RUET IUPC 2019 RUET_NOT_TODAY 10
IUBAT NCPC 2018 RUET_Dracon 11
BUET Inter University Programming Contest 2018 RUET_drACon 12
ACM ICPC 2017 Dhaka Regional RUET_Thriller_Bark 24
MIST IUPC 2019 RUET_BuggyBot 16
DUET IUPC 2019 RUET_BuggyThugs 23
ACM ICPC Dhaka, 2018 RUET_Last_Burn 33
1st LU National ICT Fest Programming Contest 2018 RUET_drACon 15
Banglalion-SUB IUPC 2018 RUET_ACcidental_ACcident 17
US-Bangla Airlines - Green University of Bangladesh IUPC 2018 RUET_HaranoHashirKhoje 23
BACS RPC Online Selection Contest 2018 Individual Mode Contest 2
ACM ICPC Dhaka Regional 2017 Online Preliminary Round RUET_Thriller_Bark 11
IUT 9th ICT Fest 2017 Programming Contest RUET_Thriller_Bark 13
NCPC AKA Hackathon by BSCCL at UITS RUET 15
National Collegiate Programming Contest (NCPC) 2017 RUET_Final_Laughter 23
VU CSE Carnival 2017 RUET_Thriller_Bark 1
RUET জ্ঞানJam 2017 RUET_Burned_Fingers 1
Online Judge Profiles
OJ Name Username Solve Count
Codeforces I_love_ProParThinkNot 449+ (Max Rating 1908)
UVa Zeron.RUET 209+
LightOJ Zeronfinity 229+
Toph Zeronfinity 105+
SPOJ zeronfinity 56+
CodeChef Zeronfinity 45+