I am Tahsin Masrur, a software engineer who recently graduated from the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, RUET. I am currently working in Samsung R&D Institute Bangladesh (SRBD) in Mobile Application sector, focusing on Tizen and Android platforms.

Before my admission in university, I wished to choose a subject that I'd enjoy. And I must say, I did enjoy studying in CSE. It became not only a matter of my profession, but also passion. To be honest, it's not just the details of the subjects that intrigue me, it's the analytical thinking parts that come along with them! Specially competitive programming and research sector (mainly machine learning) - two sectors that I really liked and thus spent a lot of time in, which developed some nice skills within me as well, I believe. And thus I want to focus on my activities in these sectors in this website.

In case you ever need to contact me regarding something, here is my email address – tahsin86m@gmail.com